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Meet the Franchise Business Review Team

Margot Doering, Accounting Phone: 603.373.1550 Email:

CJ Fleck, Senior Web Developer Phone: 603.610.0523 Email:

Ali Forman, B2B Marketing Manager Phone: 603.319.4818 Email:

Wes Graves, Client Consultant Phone: 603.610.6627 Email:

Nicole Kenney, Client Services Phone: 603.373.1553 Email:

Mike Kupfer, Marketing Manager Phone: 603.373.1552 Email:

Amy LaLime, Office Manager Phone: 603.610.6523 Email:

Linda Lorrey, Client Consultant Phone: 603.433.2240 Email:

Michelle Rowan, President Phone: 603.433.2260 Email:

Eric Stites, CEO and Managing Director Phone: 603.433.2266 Email: